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ID Class Meaning 1 Direction Meaning 2 Status Comment Number of realizations
3700 N water river New 1 Open Show map
3701 Adj>N white Boletus edulis New There are three possible explanations. 1. Because its stipe is white. 2. Because Boletus edulis does not turn black during cooking or drying. This distinguishes him from close relatives Leccinum scabrum and Leccinum aurantiacum (often described as "black mushrooms" in Russian dialects). 3. Because it is regarded as most valuable mushroom ("white mushroom" is opposed to less valuable "black mushrooms", where white has sence 'noble' and black has sence 'simple, vulgar'). 12 Open Show map
3703 N uncle (mother's brother) father-in-law New 1 Open Show map
3704 N uncle (father's brother) father New 1 Open Show map
3705 V>N to press down gloomy New 1 Open Show map
3706 N mother <exclamation of sorrow, pain, pity and surprise> New 3 Open Show map
3707 N goat hare (Lepus) New 2 Open Show map
3708 N cat hare (Lepus) New 3 Open Show map
3709 N hare (Lepus) cunning person New 6 Open Show map
3710 N fly (n.) fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) New 5 Open Show map