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trunk (body part)

Type Cognates
Language 1 Tulu
Language 2 Telugu
Lexeme 1 uḍalu
Lexeme 2 oḍalu
Meaning 1 stomach
Meaning 2 body, trunk
Related Languages
Comment It goes back to the Proto-Dravidian *uTal / oTal 'stomach' (Wilkins 1996: 277).
Type Cognates
Language 1 Kannada
Language 2 Malayalam
Lexeme 1 oḍal
Lexeme 2 uṭal, uṭalam
Meaning 1 body, belly, stomach body, trunk, life, texture of cloth
Meaning 2 belly
Reference DEDR page 57
Related Languages
Comment DEDR 586 Ta. uṭal body, birth, texture of cloth; uṭalam, uṭampu, uṭar body. Ma. uṭal, uṭalam body, trunk, life, texture of cloth; uṭampu body, anus. Ko. oṛḷ belly, interior of body, trunk of body. To. wïṛḷ chest of body, desire. Ka. oḍal body, belly, stomach; oḍambi, oḍambe body; ḍoḷḷu, doḷḷu a proturberant, huge belly. Tu. uḍalů, uḍālů, oḍālů belly, stomach; ḍoḷḷu, ṭoḷḷu, toḷḷè fat, stout; a potbelly. Te. oḍalu, oḷḷu body. Konḍa oṛol (obl. oṛoR-) id. DED(S) 501.