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Type Borrowing
Language 1 Arabic
Language 2 Amharic
Lexeme 1 ḫamr-
Lexeme 2 hamrawi
Meaning 1 'wine'
Meaning 2 'pink, purple, clear red color, bay (horse), a kind of cloth'
Related Languages
Comment Lane 809; K 7. The borrowing was possibly via Ge'ez, where the derivation was like ḫamr > ḫamrāwi (with the adjectival suffix -āwi). However, in Ge'ez both the noun and the adjective are practically out of use (though they are present in the dictionary of a local author). Cf. Also the Arabic ḫamriyy- 'a colour resembling the colour of wine' (Lane 809)
Type Derivation
Language Amharic
Lexeme 1 wäyn ṭäğğ
Lexeme 2 yäwäyn ṭäğğ
Meaning 1 'wine' wäyn ṭäğğ mäṭäṭat əwäddallähu
"'I like to drink wine' (Leslau 1973:1477)"
Meaning 2 'wine, wine-color; purple' əhəte yäwäyn ṭäğğ šurab təwäddalläčč
"'My sister likes purple sweaters' (Leslau 1973:1001)"
Related Languages
Comment [K 2179; Leslau 1973:1001]. According to the Amharic informant, the term means 'pink'.