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to get, obtain → to manage to do smth

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Type Derivation
Language Russian
Lexeme 1 polučat'
Lexeme 2 polučat'sja
Meaning 1 who: NOM ; what: ACC; from whom: from+GEN я получил письмо от друга
"I got a letter from my friend"
Meaning 2 with who: with+GEN; what: ACC || infinitive у меня получился прыжок с шестом, у меня получилось переплыть речку
"II managed to do a pole jump, managed to swim to the other bank of the river"
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Type Polysemy
Language Kabardian
Lexeme 1 q'ǝʔerǝhen
Lexeme 2
Meaning 1 to take, to get
Meaning 2 to come out, to succeed
Reference Карданов Б.М. (ред.) Кабардинско-русский словарь. М., 1957. С. ???
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