Shift #832

to grow (plants) — to shine, glitter

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Type Cognates
Language 1 Tigre
Language 2 Arabic
Lexeme 1 lamʕa
Lexeme 2 lamaʕa
Meaning 1 'to become green, to blossom, to grow'
Meaning 2 to shine
Related Languages
Comment LH 34. BK II 1027. Cf. also Амх. lämma 'to be or become prosperous, to prosper, thrive; to be fertile (soil), productive (soil), to be verdant; to shine (light), to go out (light); to blaze up (fire)' (K 41f.).
Type Polysemy
Language Arabic
Lexeme zahā
Meaning 1 to grow, to be exuberant (plants)
Meaning 2 to shine/ to kindle zahā s-sirāğ-a
"He lit a lamp"
Related Languages
Comment BK I 1023; Lane 1265; cf. also zahwat- 'a shining, glistening, or brilliancy'; zāhī l-lawn-I 'bright in respect of colour' (Lane 1265);