cold unpleasant 6 realizations
NEW Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Croatian
Lexeme hladan
Meaning 1 cold hladno jelo
cold dish
Meaning 2 unpleasant hladan ton
unpleasant tone
Reference HJP
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Farsi
Lexeme سرد sard
Meaning 1 cold هواي سرد havāi sard
cold weather
Meaning 2 disgusting, boring از چیزی سرد شدن az čizi sard šodan
to be disappointed in something
Reference Rubinčik 1970: 34
Comment ПРС 453.
ACCEPTED Realization 3
Type Derivation
Language Russian
Lexeme 1 styt'
Lexeme 2 postylyj
Meaning 1 to cool, to get cold Суп остыл.
The soup got sold
Meaning 2 unloved, boring a. Постылое рабство 'odious slavery'.
; , , everything annoyed me (L. Tolstoy)
Comment Cf. остылый '1. cold. «С лица катится пот остылый.» Пушкин (Cold sweat is flowing down his face. Pushkin). 2. Boring. «Нам горька остылой жизни чаша.» Лермонтов (And the cup of the boring life is bitter to us. Lermontov)'.
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Cognates
Language Russian
Lexeme 1 moroz, moroznyj
Lexeme 2 mraz', merzkij
Meaning 1 cold a. Два градуса мороза. 'It is minus two C.' b. Из теплой избы выйти на мороз. 'To go out of the warm house into the cold.'
Meaning 2 shit, nullity (person) a. Этакая мразь, а туда же лезет! 'What a crud, but wants to get there too!' b. Всякая мразь сюда суется. 'All sorts of cruds are coming here.'
Comment Accroding to Vasmer, мороз "связано чередованием гласных с мерзкий, мёрзнуть (is related to мерзкий (disgusting), мёрзнуть (to freeze)) via vowel alternations)."
ACCEPTED Realization 5
Type Cognates
Language 1 Russian
Language 2 Slovenian
Lexeme 1 stuža
Lexeme 2 stud
Meaning 1 cold
Meaning 2 disgust
Comment Among the Slavic cognates Vasmer cites, in particular: Bulg. студ "cold", Serbo-Cr. студ --the same, Sloven. stud "disguct", Czech., Slvk. stud "shame", Pol. ostuda "bad cold". Also студить, стужу - Ucr. студити, Bel. студзiць, Serbo-Cr. студити, студjети "to be cold", Sloven. studiti, -im "to be disgusted", чеш. studiti "остужать", слвц. studit', Pol. studzic, High Lus. studzic, Low Lus. stuzis "to cool". The Rus. 'the feeling of embarassment, repentance resulting from the awareness of having done smth obnoxious.'
ACCEPTED Realization 6
Type Polysemy
Language Tabassaran
Lexeme abʁub
Meaning 1 to cool, to chill, to freeze балин хилар аргъура
the boy's hands are freezing
Meaning 2 to annoy a. кIваз гъаргъур 'annoying (= cold to the heart)';
1. опостылевший (= холодный сердцу) 2. неприятные (= холодные) слова
Comment (TabRus 44)