Shift #388

shine (n.) → lightning

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Type Derivation
Language Akkadian
Lexeme 1 barāḳu
Lexeme 2 birḳu
Meaning 1 'to flash'
Meaning 2 'lightning'
Related Languages
Comment CAD B 103; CAD B 258. Both meanings have been registered in the majority of Semitic languages and can be traced back to the Protosemitic (*brḳ 'to shine' и *bar(a)ḳ 'lightning')
Type Cognates
Language 1 Russian
Language 2 Czech
Lexeme blesk
Meaning 1 glitter
Meaning 2 lightning [Павлович 1976: 33]
Related Languages
Comment Serb. блесак, Mac. блескот, Pol. blask have the same meaning as in Russian.