to howl to cry, weep 4 realizations
NEW Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Russian
Lexeme vyt'
Meaning 1 to howl Собака воет.
'The dog is howling.'
Meaning 2 to cry loudly, to howl Перестань выть, а не то поколочу.
'Stop howling or I will beat you.'
Comment (Ushakov)
NEW Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Lezgian
Lexeme aw jaʁun
Meaning 1 to earn (animals)
Meaning 2 to howl
Comment (LezgRus 28). Literally the verb means 'to strike a howl'.
NEW Realization 3
Type Polysemy
Language English
Lexeme howl
Meaning 1 to howl, to wail (wind)
Meaning 2 to cry, to weep, to howl
Comment (Lingvo)
NEW Realization 4
Type Polysemy
Language Aghul
Lexeme aw
Meaning 1 howl (of a dog, wolf)
Meaning 2 cry, weep (usually of a woman about her loss)
Reference Ramazanov 2010: 24