to bury afterbirth, placenta 1 realization
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Cognates
Language 1 Arosi
Language 2 Kwaio
Lexeme 1 ahuni
Lexeme 2 afuni
Meaning 1 to bury, cover, conceal, hide
Meaning 2 placenta
Reference ACD
Comment Ilokano i-tábon 'to bury, inter', Bontok tábun 'to hide', Casiguran Dumagat tábun 'to fill in soil in a low place in the earth', Pangasinan maŋi-tabón 'to bury', Bikol mag-tambón 'to cover with soil', Cebuano tábun 'cover something to protect or conceal it', Maranao tambon 'to cover (as with sand)', Mansaka tabon 'to cover', Kelabit tabun 'a heap or pile; covered by something that is heaped up', Melanau (Mukah) tabun 'a cover, lid', Malay 'tambun    heaping up, piling up', Sasak tambun 'a heap, pile (of sand, stones, etc.); to heap up, pile up', Proto-Sangiric *tambun 'heap; to cover with earth', Manggarai tambuŋ 'to heap, fill up, as a grave with stones; to pile up', Motu tahuni-a 'to cover with earth', Mota tavun 'to bury, conceal'.
Ngaju Dayak tabuni 'placenta, afterbirth', ma-nabuni 'take the afterbirth away', Malagasy tavóni 'the afterbirth, the placenta', Malay tembuni 'placenta', Pendau tauni 'placenta', Kulisusu towuni 'placenta, afterbirth', Waiyewa tawuni 'afterbirth, placenta', Anakalangu tabuni 'afterbirth, placenta', Kambera tambini 'afterbirth, placenta', tawini 'afterbirth, placenta'.