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to go out

to become infected

Type Polysemy
Language Amharic
Lexeme wäṭṭa
Meaning 1 to go out, go outside käbetu wäṭṭa 'he went out of the house'
Meaning 2 to take (vaccine), to have had an illness which immunizes one from that illness, e.g. smallpox fänṭaṭa wäṭṭallät ‘he recoverd from smallpox (and will not get it again)’; yäwäṭṭallät käbt ‘livestock that has been vaccinated, immunized’
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Comment (K 1583-1585); the meaning B requires an impersonal verb, and the logical subject is expressed through a pronominal suffix atteched through a benefactive suffix -ll- (lit. 'it went out for him').
Type Derivation
Language Gagauz
Lexeme 1 çık-
Lexeme 2 çıkar-
Meaning 1 to go out дышары чыкмаа
"to go out in the street"
Meaning 2 to fall sick кызамык чыкармаа
"to get measles"
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Comment ГРМС 555, 556. чыкар- is the causative from чык-.