to fall down to happen 8 realizations
NEW Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Classical Arabic
Lexeme وَقَعَ waqaˁ
Meaning 1 to fall

تقع السؤوليّة على عاتقه

(metaph.) responsibility falls on him

Meaning 2 to take place, to happen وَقَعَ فِى أَرْضٍ فَلَاة

He chanced to be in a desert.

Reference Lane: 3057
NEW Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Croatian
Lexeme pasti
Meaning 1 to fall down

pasti na zemlju

fall to the ground

Meaning 2 to happen
Reference HJP
ACCEPTED Realization 3
Type Polysemy
Language English
Lexeme to fall
Meaning 1 to fall down The apple fell from the tree
Meaning 2 to happen, occur A great stillness fell upon the place.
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Polysemy
Language Latin
Lexeme accido, -ere
Meaning 1 to go down accidere ad terram
'fall to the ground'
Meaning 2 to happen, occur accidit, ut...
'it happened that...'
Reference Dvoreckij 1976: 20
Comment Ср. также лат. casus 'случай' от cado 'падать'
NEW Realization 5
Type Polysemy
Language Serbian
Lexeme пасти (pasti)
Meaning 1 to fall down

пасти са дрвета, пасти са стола

fall from the tree, fall from the table

Meaning 2 to happen

Празник пада у недељу.

The holiday will be on Sunday.

Reference Vujanitsh et al. 2007: 916
ACCEPTED Realization 6
Type Polysemy
Language Tibetan
Lexeme abab-pa
Meaning 1 to go down, to descend gnam-las-kha-ba-abab-pa
the snow is falling from the sky
Meaning 2 to come (date, term, time) agro-ran-la-abab
It is time to go
Comment Рерих VI, 301. Или первое значение падать?
ACCEPTED Realization 7
Type Polysemy
Language Tigrinya
Lexeme wärädä
Meaning 1 to descend, come down, go down ʔənkab sämay nab mədri wärädä
He came down from heaven to earth
Meaning 2 to happen to, befall s.o. ʔayəräd!
May it not happen!
Reference TED: 1733
ACCEPTED Realization 8
Type Polysemy
Language Turkish
Lexeme çök-
Meaning 1 to settle, to sediment, to subside ev çöktü
the house sank, the house tilted
Meaning 2 to come (night, silence) 1) gece birdenbire çöktü 2) sessizlik çöktü
1) night fell unexpetedly 2) silence fell
Reference Jusipova 2005
Comment Второе значение - это не случаться, а наступать