to raise, lift (tr.) to vomit 2 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Japanese
Lexeme ageru (上げる)
Meaning 1 to lift 手を上げる
to raise one's hand
Meaning 2 to nauseate 上げたくなった
smb is vomiting
Comment БЯРС 5.
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Tamil
Lexeme eṭu
Meaning 1 to raise
Meaning 2 to vomit
Reference Tamil lexicon: 514
Comment eṭu-, 11 v. tr. 1. To take up, raise. 2. To bear, carry, hold. 3. To hold up. 4. To weigh in a balance 5. To undertake, take in hand 6. To recruit. 7. To utter in a high pitch of voic. 8. To sing in a loud voice; . 9. To sound the soft consonants g, j, ḍ, d, b, of Sanskrit; 10. To speak highly of; 11. To adduce, as an argument. 12. To bring in, introduce, as one's name. 13. To select, choose. 14. To buy, as in a bazaar; to purchase, as in an auction; Colloq. 15. To produce, cause; 16. To build, raise up, as a wall 17. To remove, take off. 18. To take into the mouth, as fish the bait; . 19. To bring up 20. To vomit; . 21. To take to one's self; .--intr. 1. To be inflated, as a monkey's cheeks; 2. To be high, as the forehead; to be prominent, as the nose or ear; 3. To be associated with; 4. To invade.