weak bad 7 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Cognates
Language 1 French
Language 2 Italian
Lexeme 1 chétif
Lexeme 2 cattivo
Meaning 1 feeble aspect chétif
feeble look
Meaning 2 bad
Reference CNRTL
Comment Both words are derived from captivus 'prisoner'.
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Norwegian
Lexeme svak
Meaning 1 weak han er svak etter operasjonen
he is weak after the surgery
Meaning 2 bad en av forfatterens svakeste bøker
one of the worst books by this author
Reference BO
ACCEPTED Realization 3
Type Polysemy
Language Danish
Lexeme svag
Meaning 1 weak
Meaning 2 not good enough
Reference DDO
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Polysemy
Language Swedish
Lexeme svag
Meaning 1 weak
Meaning 2 bad en svag prestation
bad results
Reference SAO
ACCEPTED Realization 5
Type Polysemy
Language Hungarian
Lexeme gyenge
Meaning 1 weak gyenge asszony
a weak woman
Meaning 2 bad gyenge film
a bad movie
Reference Гальди 1974: 271
NEW Realization 6
Type Polysemy
Language Serbian
Lexeme слаб (slab)
Meaning 1 weak jedan mišić je previše jak ili previše slab
a muscle is too strong or too weak
Meaning 2 bad слаб писац, слаб материjал
bad writer, bad material
Reference Vujanitsh et al. 2007: 1235
Comment Example for meaning 1: CLARIN.SI
NEW Realization 7
Type Polysemy
Language Croatian
Lexeme slab
Meaning 1 weak slabi (slabiji) spol
weak (female) sex
Meaning 2 bad slab u matematici
bad at maths
Reference HJP