to suffice, be enough can, to be able 3 realizations
NEW Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Lezgian
Lexeme aqːaq’un
Meaning 1 to grasp адаз партал акъакьзавач
there is not enough clothes for him
Meaning 2 to be able to do smth
Comment (LezgRus 37)
NEW Realization 2
Type Derivation
Language Serbian
Lexeme 1 моћи (moći)
Lexeme 2 смоћи (smoći)
Meaning 1 can, to be able Сина жени кад хоћеш, а кћер удај кад можеш.
Marry your son when you want, and marry your daughter when you can.
Meaning 2 to be enough Nije smogao snage da moli.
He could not find enough strength to ask.
Reference CLARIN.SI
NEW Realization 3
Type Derivation
Language Croatian
Lexeme 1 moći
Lexeme 2 smoći
Meaning 1 can, to be able mogu i doći ako želite
I can come if you want
Meaning 2 to be enough smoći snagu
to have enough strength
Reference HJP