thigh / hip back (body part) 5 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Mandaic
Lexeme halṣa
Meaning 1 hip uata lhalṣa ʕlẖ
and there is a mark on her hip
Meaning 2 back humarta ḏ-halṣai
his, my spine, backbone
Reference MD: 122
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Cognates
Language 1 Russian
Language 2 Czech
Lexeme 1 bedro
Lexeme 2 bedra
Meaning 1 thigh, hip
Meaning 2 back (only in pl.) [Павлович 1976: 27]
[Павлович 1976: 27
Comment The Serb. бедро, Bulg. бедро, Mac. бедро, Pol. biodro have the same meanings as the Russian cognate.
NEW Realization 3
Type Polysemy
Language Selti
Lexeme č̣ən
Meaning 1 back (of body)
Meaning 2 thigh, hip
Reference EDG: 183
Comment From the Proto-West-Semitic root *ḥVṣ̂n- - lap, bosom (cf. SED I No. 129; Kogan 2011b: 218)
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Polysemy
Language Tigrinya
Lexeme ḥəḳo, ḥəḳḳʷä
Meaning 1 loins, hip(s)
Meaning 2 back ḥəḳḳʷey yäḥəmmänni
My back aches
Reference TED: 213
ACCEPTED Realization 5
Type Cognates
Language 1 Zway
Language 2 Wolane
Lexeme č̣ən
Meaning 1 thigh
Meaning 2 back, back of the body
Reference EDG I: 1141, 1204 EDG: 183