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to load

to beat, hit

Type Polysemy
Language Udi
Lexeme aχadesun
Meaning 1 to hump, to shoulder a burden on one's back
Meaning 2 to strike Къапаза ахазди шотIай жIомох
"I slapped him on the face (lips)."
Related Languages
Comment A causative verb from 'to put a burden on one's back, to carry on one's back' (Gukasjan 1974: 51).
Type Derivation
Language Russian
Lexeme 1 davat'
Lexeme 2 nadavat'
Meaning 1 to give
Meaning 2 to beat Ему хорошенько надавали по морде.
"He was given a bloody nose good and proper."
Related Languages
Comment Cf. надавать денег 'to give enough money'.