paint, dye (n.) colour 9 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Amharic
Lexeme ḳäläm
Meaning 1 paint [K 678] ḳlm ḳbbba
to cover with paint, to paint [K 678]
Meaning 2 colour, complexion [K 678] ḳlm kmrawi; samba ḳlm
violet colour [K 679]; dark red, lit. Thecolour of lung [K 679]
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Czech
Lexeme barva
Meaning 1 paint [Павлович 1976: 25]
Meaning 2 colour
Comment In Pol. barwa there is the same polysemy.
ACCEPTED Realization 3
Type Polysemy
Language Danish
Lexeme farve
Meaning 1 paint, dye (n.) pensler og farver
brushes and paint
Meaning 2 colour rød farve
red colour
Reference DDO
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Polysemy
Language German
Lexeme Farbe
Meaning 1 dye, paint [Duden 1157] die Farbe blttert von den Wand [Duden 1157]
the paint is peeling off the wall
Meaning 2 colour [Duden 1157] drei Hefte in den Farben Gelb, Rot und Orange [Duden 1157]
Three notebooks: red, yellow and orange
Comment In the modern language meaning B is primary.
ACCEPTED Realization 5
Type Polysemy
Language Icelandic
Lexeme litur
Meaning 1 paint, dye (n.)
Meaning 2 colour liturinn á húsinu
the colour of a house
Reference ISLEX
ACCEPTED Realization 6
Type Polysemy
Language Lezgian
Lexeme rang
Meaning 1 paint, dye ранг авун 'to prepare tint'; 'to paint' (= to do paint)
а) приготовлять краску
Meaning 2 colour аби ранг
blue color
Comment (LezgRus 272). The same in Tabassaran (TabRus 257), where meaning B goes first.
ACCEPTED Realization 7
Type Polysemy
Language Norwegian
Lexeme farge
Meaning 1 paint, dye (n.) oljefarge
oil paint
Meaning 2 colour alle regnbuens farger
all the colours of the rainbow
Reference BO
ACCEPTED Realization 8
Type Polysemy
Language Swedish
Lexeme färg
Meaning 1 paint, dye (n.) han bredde på för tjockt med färg
he applied too much paint
Meaning 2 colour ljusa färger
light colours
Reference SAO
ACCEPTED Realization 9
Type Polysemy
Language Turkmen
Lexeme сыр
Meaning 1 paint
Meaning 2 colour
Comment ЭСТЯ 7, 409 (Turkm. Dial.).