bone great 2 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Cognates
Language 1 Ancient Hebrew
Language 2 Geez
Lexeme 1 gäräm
Lexeme 2 garama
Meaning 1 bone gərāmāw kī-məṭīl barzel (Job 40:18)
its (Leviathan's) bones are like iron poles 
Meaning 2 to be great, awful wa-za-yəgarrəm ʔəm-nagaśta mədr (Ps. 75:13)
and who is greater than the kings of the earth 
Reference HALOT: 195 LLA: 1153 Kogan 2015: 454
Comment Proto-EthS *grm ‘to be amazing, awesome’ is probably connected with PCS *gVrm- ‘bone, body’ (SED I No. 94) with a semantic evolution otherwise attested in Semitic and elsewhere (Kogan–Militarev 2003:296‒297).
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Derivation
Language Classical Arabic
Lexeme 1 عَظْم ʕaẓm-
Lexeme 2 عَظُمَ ʕaẓuma
Meaning 1 bone عَظْم الكتف
shoulder bone
Meaning 2 to be great, important, awful
Reference BK: I 293
Comment See Kogan - Militarev 2003. The PS *ˁaṯ̣m is reconstructed with 3 meanings: 'to be big, large, numerous', 'to be sturdy, strong, powerful', and 'to be fearsome'.