worm red 4 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Derivation
Language Jewish Aramaic
Lexeme 1 tōlaʕtā
Lexeme 2 tōlaʕnā
Meaning 1 worm
Meaning 2 scarlet, bright red
Reference Jastrow: 1653
Comment Cf. Also the Old Hebr. mətullāʕ 'dyed with cochineal (dyed red)' (Hapax Legomenon in Nahum 2:4), from tōlēʕā 'worm', see HALOT1568, HALOT 1603.
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Semantic evolution
Language 1 Latin
Language 2 Old French
Lexeme 1 vermiculus
Lexeme 2 vermeil
Meaning 1 little worm (→ the scarlet worm, Vulg. Exod. 35, 25; cf. Hier. Ep. 64, 19)
Meaning 2 bright red; vermilion
Reference Robert historique
Comment From the same source Portuguese vermelho 'red', Italian vermiglio 'bright red', Spanish bermejo 'reddish, vermilion', Old Occitan vermelh 'reddish'
ACCEPTED Realization 3
Type Cognates
Language 1 Old English
Language 2 Old Prussian
Lexeme 1 wyrm
Lexeme 2 urmian
Meaning 1 creeping insect; maggot, grub, worm
Meaning 2 red
Reference Gamkrelidze, Ivanov 1984
Comment From Proto-Germanic *wurmiz, from Proto-Indo-European *wr̥mis. The Indo-European root is also the source of Latin vermis ‘worm’, Lithuanian varmas ‘midge’, Old East Slavic вермие ‘locusts, worms’, Ancient Greek ῥόμος ‘earthworm’ and Old Frisian wurma ‘crinson, purple’ See also Old English wurma ‘a shellfish from which purple dye is obtained; purple dye’
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Derivation
Language Old Slavonic
Lexeme 1 чрьвь (črĭvĭ)
Lexeme 2 чрьвенъ (črĭvenŭ), чрьвлѥнъ (črĭvljenŭ)
Meaning 1 worm
Meaning 2 red, scarlet
Reference Cejtlin et al. 1994: 782
Comment from IE *qʷr̥mi- 'worm'. Also Belarusian чырвоны (čyrvony) ‘red’, Russian червонный (červonnyj) ‘red’, Ukrainian червоний (červonyj) ‘red’, Bulgarian червен (červen) ‘red’, Macedonian црвен (crven) ‘red; red-haired’, Serbo-Croatian цр̀вен (cr̀ven) ‘red’, Slovenian črlèn‘red’, Czech červený ‘red’, Kashubian czerwiony ‘red’, Polabian carvenĕ ‘red’, Old Polish czerwiony ‘red’, Polish czerwony ‘red’, Slovak červený ‘red’, Lower Sorbian cerwjeny ‘red’, Upper Sorbian čerwjeny ‘red’. Basic terms for ‘red’ in all languages except Russian and Slovenian