Number of realizations


to shine, glitter

to shout

Type Derivation
Language Arabic
Lexeme 1 hll (VIII)
Lexeme 2 hll
Meaning 1 to glitter (snow)
Meaning 2 to shout with joy
Reference BK page II 1434
Related Languages
Comment Not quite clear. Maybe homonymous roots
Type Polysemy
Language Jewish Aramaic
Lexeme ṣəhal
Meaning 1 'to be bright, glad'
Meaning 2 'to shout'
Reference Ja. page 1264
Related Languages
Comment Meaning A is present only in the contexts where a human face is characterised. In other Semitic cognates (e.g. In Old Hebrew) there is namely the meaning 'to shine'. It is plausible, however, that meanings A and B belong to two homonymic roots.