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dark (adj.)

to hide (tr.)

Type Cognates
Language 1 Jewish Aramaic
Language 2 Arabic
Lexeme 1 kātīm
Lexeme 2 katama
Meaning 1 dark, red
Meaning 2 to hide, to conceal a secret
Related Languages
Comment Ja. 681; BK II 863; Lane 2998. Meaning A in Arabic is present only in the name of the plant katam- 'cathame, sorte de plante qui donne une couleur noire avec laquelle on teint en noir les cheveux teints d'abord en rouge avec la henna' (BK II 863, LA XI 508). The Accadian cognate has the meaning of 'cover' - which is obviously transitory between A and B.
Type Cognates
Language 1 Akkadian
Language 2 Tigre
Lexeme 1 ekēlu
Lexeme 2 ḥakla, ḥakkala
Meaning 1 to be dark šumma UD.DA Sin magal eklet
"'if the moon's appearance is very dark'"
Meaning 2 to hide
Related Languages
Comment CAD E 64, LH 88.