hot inflammation 1 realization
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Cognates
Language 1 Arabic
Language 2 Ancient Hebrew
Lexeme 1 saḫuna
Lexeme 2 šəḥīn
Meaning 1 ‘to be hot, warm’ saḫuna l-yawm-u;
''the day was hot''
Meaning 2 'inflammation' ū-bāśār kī-yihye bō bə-ʕōrō šəḥīn wə-nirpāʔ
''and if there was an inflammation on the skin of the human flesh, and it was cured' (Lev 13:18)'
Comment Lane 1326; HALOT 1460; goes back to proto-Semitic 'to be hot', cf. Kogan in preparation 2.5.