to see/to look at to investigate/examine 5 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Geez
Lexeme ṭayyaḳa
Meaning 1 observe, look at, contemplate wa-yəbelo ʔəgziʔabəḥer la-muse rad wa-ʔaydəʕomu la-ḥəzb ʔi-yəḳrabu ḫaba ʔəgziʔabəḥer la-ṭayyəḳo
‘and God said to Moses: go down and inform the people that they should not approach God in order to see (him)’ (Ex. 19:21)
Meaning 2 examine, investigate strictly, explore ḳədma ṭayəḳ wa-dəḫra təgeśśəṣ 'at first investigate and then you shall admonish' (Sir. 11:7); ṭayyaḳəwwo la-ʔaḥadu ʔəm-ʔəlla yəḳawwəmu ‘they investigated/inquired one from those who were standing’ (Dan. 7:16)
Reference LGz.: 600; LLA 1245-1246
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language German
Lexeme betrachten
Meaning 1 to see/to look at sich im Spiegel betrachten
to look at oneself in the mirror
Meaning 2 to investigate/examine Das Problem muss in Detail betrachtet werden.
The problem needs to be looked at in detail.
Reference Duden: 209
ACCEPTED Realization 3
Type Cognates
Language 1 Gondi
Language 2 Tamil
Lexeme 1 nāṛ-
Lexeme 2 nāṭu (nāṭi-)
Meaning 1 to see/to look at
Meaning 2 to seek, examine, investigate
Reference DEDR: 321
Comment Gondi - the language variety with the mark: Go. (Ph. W.)
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Polysemy
Language Sanskrit
Lexeme dṛś
Meaning 1 to see, look at, observe, view, behold, perceive
Meaning 2 to inspect, discover; to search, investigate, examine, decide
Reference Apte: 830
Comment MW 491: to see, behold, look at, regard, consider; to see i.e. wait on; to see with the mind, learn, understand; to notice, care for, look into, try, examine
ACCEPTED Realization 5
Type Polysemy
Language Tamil
Lexeme pār
Meaning 1 to see/to look at
Meaning 2 to examine, inspect
Reference DEDR: 363