sadness love 5 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Ancient Greek
Lexeme πόθος
Meaning 1 melancholy, yearning
Meaning 2 love, passion
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Romanian
Lexeme dor
Meaning 1 melancholy dor de ţară
home sickness
Meaning 2 love cântece de dor
love songs
Reference DEX98
Comment DRRS 1, 735, DEX98
ACCEPTED Realization 3
Type Borrowing
Language 1 Sanskrit
Language 2 Malay
Lexeme 1 cintā́
Lexeme 2 cinta
Meaning 1 sad or sorrowful thought, care, anxiety, worry
Meaning 2 feeling of love; strong attachment towards something
Reference MW: 398 SEALang Malay
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Polysemy
Language Tajiki
Lexeme бедилӣ
Meaning 1 chagrin, despondency
Meaning 2 passionate love
Reference <personally collected data>
ACCEPTED Realization 5
Type Derivation
Language Turkish
Lexeme 1 karasevda
Lexeme 2 sevda
Meaning 1 melancholy, depression
Meaning 2 love
Reference Baskakov 1977: 514
Comment karasevda literally black + sevda. The word sevda goes back to Arabian sawdāˀ- سوداء "black gall, melancholy, one of four liquids in human body". The Arabian word itself is connected to Arabian aswad- أسود 'black' in a feminine form.