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to calm down

to pay

Type Polysemy
Language Medieval Latin
Lexeme pacare
Meaning 1 to make peace between contending parties, to appease, satisfy a claimant or creditor
Meaning 2 to pay a debt
Reference Niermeyer page 750
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Comment The same root in Latin pax 'peace'. In Classical Latin pacare 'to make peaceful, to pacify; to impose a settlement; to bring (land) under control (by cultivation); to bring under control, to subdue (individuals)'. Descendants are Old French paiier, paier ‘to pay’, Middle French payer, French payer, Catalan, Occitan, Galician, Portuguese, Spanish pagar ‘to pay’, Friulian paiâ, pajâ ‘to pay’. Italian has etymological doublets, inherited pagare ‘to pay’ and borrowed from Latin pacare ‘to calm dowm’. Romanian obsolete păca ‘to subdue; to tame’ and împăca (from *impacare) ‘to reconcile with someone’, ‘get along together (with smb.)’, ‘to agree on a price’, ‘to put up with something’, ‘to reassure someone’. English pay is borrowed from Old French.
Type Derivation
Language Modern Hebrew
Lexeme 1 hishlím
Lexeme 2 shilém
Meaning 1 to make peace
Meaning 2 to pay
Reference <personally collected data>
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Comment From shalóm 'peace'.