naked, bare genitalia 1 realization
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Derivation
Language Ancient Hebrew
Lexeme 1 ʕeryā
Lexeme 2 ʕerwā
Meaning 1 'bareness, nakedness' ʕerom wəʕeryā
''naked and bare' (Ezk. 16:7)'
Meaning 2 'nakedness, genital area of a man or of a woman' wa-ʕăśē lāhem miknəsē-bād ləkassot bəśar ʕerwā
''and make for them a loin-cloth of linen in order to cover the flesh of their genitals' (Ex. 28:42)'
Comment HALAT 882-883; The meaning of 'to be nude' is present in genetically related languages (Arabic, Accadian etc.); meaning B has been registered in Accadia too.