to pass by to behave in a wrong way 1 realization
NEW Realization 1
Type Derivation
Language Soqotri
Lexeme 1 nɛ́hɛr or nóhor
Lexeme 2 šénher
Meaning 1 to pass by ʔetérʕo ʕouyɛgɛ́ni tóʔo šerḳóḥo men medresé di-ŝorṭ wa-nɛ́hɛrk ʕéyhi wa-ʔɛ́zik tóyhi (Maria Bulakh's field notes)

Two boys were fighting each other after they went out of the school to the street. I was going past, and I pulled them aside from each other.

Meaning 2 to transgress, to make a fault
Reference LS: 261 CSOL I: 622 CSOL II: 549