noble free 2 realizations
NEW Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Classical Armenian
Lexeme azat (ազատ)
Meaning 1 noble azat Masis (ազատ Մասիս)
the noble Ararat
Meaning 2 free, independent; freed, affranchised, redeemed, quit, ransomed azat aṙnel (ազատ առնել)
to free
Reference Petrosean, Matatʿeay 1879
Comment Ačaṙean 83. From Parthian āzāt 'noble'. Azat was member of the middle and lower Armenian nobility, in contrast to the naxarars who were the great lords; from the Late Middle Ages, member of the entire body of the Armenian nobility. In Modern Armenian azat (ազատ) 'free' (azat əntrutʿyun (ազատ ընտրություն) 'free choice', azat mamul (ազատ մամուլ) 'free press', azat mard (ազատ մարդ) 'free man', azat kamkʿ (ազատ կամք) 'free will').
NEW Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Middle Persian (Pahlavi)
Lexeme ʾcʾt' /āzād/
Meaning 1 noble
Meaning 2 free
Reference Chaumont, Toumanoff 2011
Comment from Old Persian *āzāta-, from Proto-Iranian *āzāta-. Cognate with Avestan āzāta 'noble', Manichaean Middle Persian ʾʾzʾd /āzād/ and Parthian ʾzʾt /āzāt/ 'noble'. Ultimately from the past participle of Proto-Iranian *zan- 'to be born'. Akin to Old Armenian ազատ (azat), Georgian აზატი (azaṭi), Iranian borrowings. In Modern Farsi âzâd 'independent, unimpeded; liberal; free', âzâdi 'freedom, liberty, independence'. MacKenzie 1971