zenith noon 2 realizations
NEW Realization 1
Type Derivation
Language Binukid (Bukid)
Lexeme 1 udtu-an
Lexeme 2 ma-udtu
Meaning 1 zenith, the point in the sky which is directly overhead
Meaning 2 noon
Reference ACD
NEW Realization 2
Type Cognates
Language 1 Mongondow
Language 2 Blaan (Koronadal)
Lexeme 1 utu
Lexeme 2 ltu du
Meaning 1 zenith
Meaning 2 noon
Reference ACD
Comment Pangasinan ogtó ‘noon’, Ayta Abellan ogto ‘midday, lunchtime; directly over or under’, Kapampangan ugtú ‘noon’, Tagalog udtó ‘noon, noontime, midday’, Bikol udtó ‘noon, noontime, midday’, Hanunóo ʔudtú ‘mid-point of a vizualized celestial arch; more specifically, noon’, ʔudtuh-an ‘noontime’, Aklanon údto ‘about directly overhead (in the sky)’, ugto ‘at the zenith, directly overhead; half moon (waxing or waning)’, pa-udtoh-ón ‘gibbous (waning); 3rd quarter’, Hiligaynon úgtu ‘noon’, Cebuano udtú ‘twelve o'clock, for the sun to be overhead; for the moon or something else to be in the heavens at the noon position’, udtúh-an ‘zenith’, Maranao oto ‘lunch; eat noon meal’, oto-n ‘eat during lunch time, lunch on’, Manobo (Western Bukidnon) udtu ‘action (of the earth's rotation) upon celestial bodies which causes them to rise to the zenith’, Tiruray ‘ʔutuh to go on top of something’, ge-utuh ‘noontime’, Tausug ugtu ‘noontime, mid-day, when the sun is at its zenith’