sister sibling of opposite sex 1 realization
NEW Realization 1
Type Cognates
Language 1 Berawan
Language 2 Batak Simalungun
Lexeme 1 betaw
Lexeme 2 i-botow
Meaning 1 sister
Meaning 2 sibling of opposite sex
Reference ACD
Comment Long Terawan (Middle Tutoh). Also Ngaju Dayak betau ‘sister or other female kin of Ego's generation (man speaking)’, Toba Batak i-boto ‘sibling of opposite sex’, Manggarai weta ‘sister (man speaking)’; also used by a man for his wife, Rembong weta ‘sister (man speaking)’; refined term used by a man toward a woman (sweetheart or wife), Rotinese feto ‘sister, female cousin (man speaking)’, Tetun feto ‘woman; feminine (when joined to the names of persons and plants)’: oan feto ‘daughter’; ai dilo feto ‘a female pawpaw (one which produces fruit)’, feto-n ‘sister, cousin’, Tetun (Dili) feto ‘woman’, Alune beta ‘sibling of opposite sex’, Amblau bera ‘sister (man speaking)’, Buruese feta ‘sister (man speaking)’, Tifu feta ‘sister (man speaking)’, Soboyo foto ‘sister (man speaking)’, foto naha ‘be siblings’.