cowrie lead, plumbum 1 realization
NEW Realization 1
Type Cognates
Language 1 Palauan
Language 2 Bontok
Lexeme 1 búiʔ
Lexeme 2 bulí
Meaning 1 cowrie
Meaning 2 lead, plumbum
Reference ACD
Comment Ilokano bulí 'lead; wharve, whorl; sinker (any of the pieces of lead or balls of earthenware that are attached to one of the sides of several kinds of fishing nets)', Isneg bulí 'lead; lead sinker of a fishing net', Ngadha vuli 'large cowrie shell used for war necklaces; the necklace itself', Rotinese fuli 'kind of shell; shells or bits of lead used as sinkers for a fishnet', Yamdena fuli 'kind of shellfish', Fordata vuli 'porcelain shell, egg cowrie'.