gall bladder location of emotions 1 realization
NEW Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Kombio
Lexeme niepm
Meaning 1 gall bladder

Niepm antilel yitiker yer pminel, ant ko wuntuim.

(If) our gallbladder explodes inside, we will die.

Meaning 2 Is seen as the source of life for people, and as such has some significance for certain emotions, mostly the "strong" ones like anger and fighting strength
Reference Farr: 134, 202

pmiempniumpuaipm - compound term from "gall-bladder" (pmiemp) and "liver" (niumpuaipm), used to mark the seat of certain deeper emotions and the core of a person's identity; I'm told it is where the Spirit of God would live in a person since it is a "place", unlike "yapmunemp" (lit. heart-lungs, the seat of most emotions); but often both are cited in sequence to cover the whole of a person inside, but the example below shows the distinction between the two. Aser Krais ka ar yipm pmiempniumpuaipm ntakilelel, ka apulpaser niokn sepmel kil apulel ka milinyuwa yipm eti yapmunemp aiyipmel karep ntinkiraiyim, ... But Krais lives in your(pl) liver like that, is because the good work he does which benefits you(pl) and so your heart/lungs is already completely clean, ...