expensive dear, darling 14 realizations
ACCEPTED Realization 1
Type Polysemy
Language Adyghe
Lexeme ƛap'e
Meaning 1 expensive, precious; high (price)
Meaning 2 dear, darling, beloved
Comment АдРС 188
ACCEPTED Realization 2
Type Polysemy
Language Akkadian
Lexeme aḳru
Meaning 1 expensive, precious, valuable annuku annakam waḳru 14 GÍN.TA u ša šapliš izzaz
tin is expensive here, it stands at 14 shekels or less
Meaning 2 dear aḫī aḳru
my dear brother
Reference CAD
Comment CAD a 2, 207-209
ACCEPTED Realization 3
Type Polysemy
Language Amharic
Lexeme wədd
Meaning 1 costly, expensive, precious, high (price) wəddə näw?
Is it expensive?
Meaning 2 dear, beloved wədd Märša!
Dear Mersha!
Reference AED: 1571
Comment The original meaning is likely B (cf. Amharic verb wäddädä 'to love, to desire' and its cognates: Arb. wadda ‘to love’, Hbr. *yādīd ‘beloved’).
ACCEPTED Realization 4
Type Polysemy
Language Chaha
Lexeme tärämädä-m
Meaning 1 be expensive äkʷa ḳǝb tä-ḳ’äsa tärämädä-m 

today butter and cheese was expensive

Meaning 2 be loved
Reference EDG I: 85 Leslau 1983: 32
Comment Cf. also nund 'expensive, dear, rare'; namʷäǧat 'the beloved one (woman)' (EDG I I 85). The meaning B is original (EDG 457).
ACCEPTED Realization 5
Type Polysemy
Language English
Lexeme dear
Meaning 1 (British) dear eggs are very dear just now
eggs are expensive now
Meaning 2 dear, respected
Reference Merriam-Webster
Comment The Old English word dēore had already both meanings.
ACCEPTED Realization 6
Type Polysemy
Language French
Lexeme cher
Meaning 1 expensive Les premières fraises sont chères
The first strawberries are expensive
Meaning 2 lovely Elle retrouva ses chères habitudes; mon cher ami
She came back to her lovely habitudes; my dear friend
Reference Larousse online
NEW Realization 7
Type Polysemy
Language Ingush
Lexeme беза
Meaning 1 expensive
Meaning 2 dear, darling беза хьаыний
dear guests
Reference Bekova et al. 2009: 160
ACCEPTED Realization 8
Type Polysemy
Language Karaim
Lexeme абайлы
Meaning 1 honourable, respected абайлы достум!
my dear friend!
Meaning 2 expensive, valuable, precious абайлы таш
Comment КРПС 37
ACCEPTED Realization 9
Type Polysemy
Language Khakas
Lexeme аарлығ
Meaning 1 high (price), expensive аарлығ турча
it is expensive
Meaning 2 dear, respected аарлығ нанӌым
my dear friend
Comment ХРС 12.
ACCEPTED Realization 10
Type Polysemy
Language Komi
Lexeme сё шайт
Meaning 1 hundred of roubles
Meaning 2 darling
Comment КомиРС 720
ACCEPTED Realization 11
Type Polysemy
Language Lezgian
Lexeme masan
Meaning 1 expensive, precious масан хьун
to get more expensive
Meaning 2 beloved, dear масан стха
dear brother
Comment (LezgRus 231)
ACCEPTED Realization 12
Type Polysemy
Language Russian
Lexeme dorogoj
Meaning 1 expensive дорогой бензин
expensive petrol
Meaning 2 dear Дорогая моя!
My dear!
Comment The Rum drag 'beloved' is of Slavic origin.
NEW Realization 13
Type Polysemy
Language Tagalog
Lexeme mahа́l
Meaning 1 expensive
Meaning 2 dear, darling
Reference Krus, Ignašev 1959: 212
ACCEPTED Realization 14
Type Polysemy
Language Yakut
Lexeme күндү
Meaning 1 dear, expensive, precious күндү мал
a precious object
Meaning 2 dear, darling, beloved күндү доҕоттор
Dear friends!
Comment ЯРС 197. The Yakut word has been borrowed from Mongolian: хүнд 'heavy; respected'