wing shoulder 2 realizations
NEW Realization
Type Polysemy
Language Abaza
Lexeme дама / dama
Meaning 1 wing адамаква къьара / adamakʷa q̇’ara
'to flap one's wings'
Meaning 2 shoulder дама ашIарпарта / dama ač̣arparta
'shoulder joint'
Reference Tugov 1967
NEW Realization
Type Polysemy
Language Komi
Lexeme вечик
Meaning 1 wing (base, wing arm)
Meaning 2 shoulder (upper arm from shoulder joint to elbow joint) вечик чегны
''to dislocate the shoulder' (fig. 'to be defeated in a fight; to fail')'
Reference Beznosikova et al. 2000
Comment NB вечик лэптыштлыны 'to shrug (to raise the shoulders to express uncertainty, lack of concern)'